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Author Topic: Introduction  (Read 3659 times)
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« on: March 22, 2007, 11:12:50 PM »

I'm caroline, a new member, and the 45 year old mother of two boys, almost 6 and almost 9 by donor inseminated sperm through PIVET clinic in Perth.I am a gay woman and am interested in making contact with other gay parents in Perth to talk over some of the issues that come up for our children or within schools etc. I enjoy reading the stories of other members of this group and seeing how much we have in common and share as parents, as mothers, though I know not all the members are female or mothers and it's great to have some input from donor conceived young people too.I live with my partner - we've been together five years and have lived as a family for the past two and a half years; she has grown up children from a former marriage.My children also have an extended family network as they both spend time with my former partner, who was with me when I conceived my first son.We have no other blood relatives in Australia as I emigrated from the UK in '94 so I have tried to create and maintain a 'family of choice' for the boys to feel part of. This all sounds a bit serious, but really life feels very ordinary and much like every other family we know!
Thanks to the instigators of this site. I am interested in tracing the boys' donor, although at the moment I believe the legislation was designed to keep anonymous donors anonymous and I don't know what records the sperm bank keeps or for how long.It would be nice to know who the boys biologal 'father' is as it is part of their story, though when I chose an anonymous donor, I knew that this meant the boys would not have a 'father' and that I was agreeing to him being someone we would never know or meet.
Thanks for setting up this group site, I hope we can all feel safe to explore what matters to us and learn from each other

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« Reply #1 on: March 23, 2007, 12:19:43 AM »

Hello and welcome Caroline.

Ahh good old Pivet. They should have records of the donors since the donations happened after the 1993 act.

Have a look in the Legislation section of this forum for more information:
"(In) WA There is a central register but clinics are also required by the H.R.T. Act (1991) to retain records and provide access to them (non-identifying information). It also makes arrangements for transfer of records of a person who ceases to be a licensee. Clinic records are required to be kept for at least 25 years."

There is a good reference here, have you joined the Voluntary Register?


Donor conceived adult from Perth, Western Australia. Searching for a donor who donated to Dr Colin Douglas-Smith in 1976.
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« Reply #2 on: March 23, 2007, 04:37:24 AM »

Hi Caroline, yeh - join the Voluntary Register. Most of the girls in the Single Mothers by Choice playgroup I am in have joined. A couple have found half siblings already but had already made contact via the playgroup. We have a few who used Pivet in this group and share donor information.
I think we all know the Pivet donor sheets by heart in that group. 

Also I think some of the Single mums have been negotiating with Pivet via a counsellor to pass a letter on to their donor. Try that too.

Is there still a Rainbow Babies group in Perth? I joined it informally when I was thinking of having a child (but I am such a dag - I didn't realize it was just for gays - before I found the SMC playgroup). Most of them had donor conceived kids.
Regards, Rose

Looking for half siblings of Repromed Donor DZ who also donated at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in S.A.
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« Reply #3 on: March 23, 2007, 10:04:01 AM »

Hi Caroline
I have a friend who is in a lesbian relationship and is 47yrs of age and been in this relationship for 20yrs. She has a son who was concieved and born naturally from before this and he is now 26yrs old. He is a georgous "man" and is now married. My friend is such a beautiful person and I would be very happy to ask her if she would like to share some experience with you re:school etc.... if you would like??? She lives in the Mandurah area. Just let me know and I will contact her for you. Also there is a lesbian couple here where I live who have a son in primary school where my son has now started - I think he's around 8 or 9. I have never discussed with them anything about his conception though obviously it had to be DI!!! I would be prepared to approach them also if you would like. We are in the south-west.
Sue Smiley

Love and Truth go together.
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