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Author Topic: Repromed SA rang me - anything happening in SA lately I should prepare for?  (Read 9922 times)
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« on: July 16, 2014, 08:45:38 AM »

Hi all,
Query: is or has anything happened recently with Repromed in SA? I am suspicious.

I have a donor conceived child via Repromed in SA in 2005 with Donor DZ (who we met by chance when child was 1 year old - now he is 9). Prior to meeting him by chance, I had little (and in fact totally disinterested contact from the clinic re my requests for donor contact and further info). Uni of Adelaide person was down right I gave up and low and behold we met our Donor by chance online.
Anyway...twice in the last 7 years Repromed have rung me because they had other families who used DZ and needed his permission for them to use their created remaining embryos to add to their families ( long story)....they had lost his contact information (twice!!!) because his archived data had gone to the family found me via this site and I was able to connect them with the donor and they have since been able to use their remaining embryo to conceive a 2nd child.
Despite our donor being assured he would be told when children were conceived using his donations, he has never heard anything.

I am away on holidays and found a recorded message today asking me to ring the Donor nurse at Repromed ...I fear something has gone amiss as I have never heard from them in 9 years. I am just readying myself for the phone call and thought I would check in to see if anything is on the go with can see I am a bit distrustful ha ha.
Thanks for any feedback.

57 yo mum of 12 yo son conceived via ID Release donor via Repromed Adelaide, met by chance online. Donor Code DZ
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« Reply #1 on: July 17, 2014, 12:54:43 AM »

In regard to Repromed, it in conjunction with Monash IVF are floating on the stock exchange (maybe it has already happened).
But other than that I am not aware of anything else happening at Repromed.

Here in SA we are currently undergoing a public consultation on a donor conception register but that is only prospective and not retrospective so would not affect you or DZ.

I am not surprised by your cynicism there is a lot of that going around.
I think it is terrible that DZ has not been informed - once again showing that the clinics focus is primarily on the pregnancy outcome.
It would also be helpful for all recipients to be informed about a donors use by others so that they can prevent any chance of a consanguineous event occurring in the future.

Sorry I'm not much help on the current situation.
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