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Author Topic: Research into donor conceived families  (Read 3864 times)
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« on: June 09, 2014, 01:29:46 AM »

I am posting the following on behalf of a woman who is taking part in the conduct of a study on donor conception with researchers at academic institutions. I have spoken to her and found out that they have the appropriate ethics approval to conduct the research and will presenting the findings at very important conference meetings (I do know these conferences and they are excellent ones and not just backyard wanna be science meetings). I haven't taken part in the survey yet so don't know what questions it asks but there is the option to take part in further interviews so if you find that there is something missing from their questions you will be able to give them details of that then which is good:

Hi! I just wanted to post on this thread specifically about a study that I am working on with a Wellesley College professor. We desperately need donor conceived people over the age of 13 to take our survey. At the end, they can indicate an interest in being interviewed (completely separate from the anonymous survey). This is very important research. Not enough has been done on the topic. One thing we plan to study is the perspectives of donor offspring and their feelings on learning about how they were conceived. I am a two time egg donor and my professor, Rosanna Hertz, has been writing on donation and family and gender topics for many years. She is incredibly passionate about getting the voices of donors, donor conceived people and parents via donation heard. We are looking at egg and sperm donation. Mainly US but not limited to country of citizenship in any way. I will actually be doing some of the interviewing and would love to hear from you! We plan to present the findings at major medical meetings and hope to use what we learn to help everyone involved in the creation of donor families and to create change in public policy. Please take a look and consider participating! We really need help! Share as widely as you can! Feel free to friend, comment or message me with questions.


We are excited to launch three separate surveys for a research project, "Donors, Donor Siblings and the Making of Families."

This research explores how sperm donors and egg donors understand their role in the creation of other peopleís families and

considers the ways in which donors may maintain (or choose to avoid) having a role in these families. It also explores the ways

in which families who used donor eggs, sperm, or embryos understand their connection to the donor who made their families possible.

Finally, the project also explores how the children of these families understand their relationships with the members of the families in which

they are raised (parents and siblings) as well as with those people to whom they have a genetic tie (sperm and egg donors; genetic half-siblings).

The survey results will be useful to all families as they discuss issues of donor conception, the donor, and possibly searching for half siblings.

Our goal is to understand your experiences so that resources can be better designed to serve families like yours in the future.

All surveys have been approved by the IRB boards at Wellesley College and Middlebury College for everyone over the age of 13.

IRB approval guarantees you anonymity and confidentiality. Anyone who takes the survey will be entered in a drawing to win one of 24 gift certificates

ranging from $25 to $100. More importantly, we need your help and ask that you also pass the link forward.

All of the surveys can be found at: and should take approximately 35 minutes to complete."
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