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Author Topic: Neighbours  (Read 2837 times)
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« on: August 17, 2007, 12:15:49 PM »


I don't know who here watches Neighbours but let me say upfront that I am only an accidental watcher. I don't like the show but my wife does. The TV is in a spot where I can see it when I am on the computer.

Anyway, Neighbours has recently has one of the characters learn about his family that he didn't know before. So now he has a mother, brother and father. It was also a close call that his g/f was a half-sister. Good to see that these issues are brought up in such a popular(?) show.

I saw an Australian Story on "Harold" from Neighbours (don't know the actors name) and he found out he was adopted when he was quite old and now has a relationship with his natural mother. It was quite good from him describing his feelings. I do wonder if he had any influence on the curent storyline I mentioned above.

On a side note, any donor offspring think there'll be a Darth Vader moment?
"I am your father!"
"NOOOOOOooooooooooooo! That's not true! That's impossible!"

Ohh, or a Simpsons moment with a half-sibling?
"Herbert: Hello.

Homer: Is this H. Powell of Detroit, Michigan?

Herbert: Yeah.

Homer: By any chance does the "H" stand for Herbert?

Herbert: Yeah.

Homer: Woo-hoo! Whoo!
The "H" stands for Herbert!
Herb, were you adopted?

Herbert: Yeah.

Homer: From the Shelbyville Orphanage?

Herbert: How did you know that?

Homer: Because... I'm your baby brother Homer!
Hello? Hello? Hello?
Stupid phone!"


Donor conceived adult from Perth, Western Australia. Searching for a donor who donated to Dr Colin Douglas-Smith in 1976.
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