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1  General Category / VIC / Re: Victoria now gives all donor conceived people the right to know on: March 24, 2016, 07:05:59 AM
Yay! Now to get this done in the other states or Federally.
2  General Category / VIC / Re: Sperm donors info to be made available to offspring on: August 03, 2015, 05:27:15 AM
Bring it on! Now we need to get this done nationally.
3  General Category / Donor Offspring / Re: National conference for donor conceived people on: March 31, 2015, 01:47:36 AM
I know Melbourne is central for a lot of people but I would love a Perth one. Smiley
4  General Category / Searching for Information / Re: MONASH 19H Help!!! on: February 25, 2015, 04:29:30 AM
Welcome to the forum Joss.

Good luck with your search.
5  General Category / Searching for Information / Re: Monash IVF - Donor 54A on: January 16, 2015, 04:21:18 AM
Can't remember what it said about the time to process but it was more than a few days; either weeks or months.

Anyway my data is there now and I have done a search but no close matches have been found.
6  General Category / Searching for Information / Re: Monash IVF - Donor 54A on: January 14, 2015, 01:51:23 AM
Is there any benefit in getting the gedmatch done? I am using it at the moment because I contacted one of the FTDNA closest relatives that matched Kay and I and although we couldn't work out which of his ancestors we had in common, he suggested trying this to help work it out.

It takes months to process and I haven't even checked back to see if mine is ready yet.
7  General Category / Donor Offspring / Who looks like me? on: June 23, 2014, 05:45:14 PM
What is it about me that people find so familiar in someone else?

Is it a half-sibling they identify me with? Is it a cousin? A random stranger with no relation to me?

These instances stick in my memory and although I don't know the exact dates (or even year) I am listing these in roughly chronological order.

The first are before I knew I was donor conceived.

1. 1999 or 2000: Some of my work friends find a poster for a Dracula play in Fremantle Prison. The guy playing Dracula looks so much like me in the poster that you could have swapped out his picture with mine and not noticed any difference. I went to this play and seeing the actor up close I didn't notice the resemblence as much. Sadly, I got rid of the poster some years later.

2. 1999-2000: Not sure exactly when this happened but it was also at work. A guy had been out to lunch and came up to me and asked if I was just out at lunch. I wasn't. He asked if I had a brother as he had seen someone who looked just like me.

The times mentioned below are after I found out I am donor conceived.

3. 2005: My wife and I are in Albany on holiday and getting some documents witnessed by a JoP. During the meeting the JoP says I look like his son (!!). I immediately blurted out I didn't know who my biological father was and the JoP was quick to say that he wasn't the father. I explained that I was donor conceived and he said that he was not a donator and that his son is the wrong age to be my father.

4. 2007-2009: A friend of the family is over at our place and he works away in the mines. He says there is someone at his work who looks exactly like me.

5. 2011-2012: I am at a work conference which has hundreds of people attending from various stores in WA. At one point I am sitting next to some of my work colleagues that I know and two people walk past and a conversation similar to this happens:
Lady: "Why are you sitting here?"
Me: (not sure if I said anything or looked at her blankly)
Lady: (realises I don't recognise her) You're Gavin* right?
Me: No... I'm Adam.
Lady: Sure you are. Come on, you're really Gavin right?
Me: (shows name tag) No, I'm Adam, see?
Lady: Wow. You look exactly like Gavin from my store.
Me: What store are you from?
Lady: (tells me the store)

* All I can remember of the name is that it started with G. She may have said Graeme, Greg, Gavin, something like that. I have forgotten what store she was from too.

6. 2014: A few days ago at church a lady says to me that I look exactly like her friend from South Africa.

Where are you now mysterious dopplegangers?
8  General Category / Media Articles / ‘Sperminator’ with 99 kids shares his secrets on: April 14, 2014, 04:56:09 AM
This is one of the main reasons why I said any attempt to get people and clinics to adhere to register or keep records or whatever is not viable. DNA testing is the only way we have at the moment to find out our family lines. This is the kind of thing that makes all the donor conceived legislation in the world pointless.

Article excerpts below posted from the NY Post site as it was longer

By day, Ed Houben is a mild-mannered, 44-year-old bachelor who works as a tour guide in the Dutch town of Maastricht, where he lives.

On nights and weekends, however, Houben comes alive as his alter ego: Europe's most prolific sperm donor, and one who prefers to contribute the old-fashioned way.

"Sperm cells are like candy at Mardi Gras," Houben says. "The more you throw out, the better you get."

Houben says he has 99 known children scattered around the globe. "I have children in Australia, Israel, Canada, Austria, Germany, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Italy, England," he says. "There are also the possibles" - the women he had sex with whom he never heard from again.


Eleven years later, he took the plunge, calling the sperm bank at the Academic Hospital in Maastricht. There, Houben says, he was under the care of Dr. Gerard Dunselman. (The doctor did not comment for this story, but still works in the hospital's department of obstetrics and gynecology.) From 1999 to 2005, Houben says, he donated 25 times, all anonymously.

"They specifically asked me not to tell, and I began to hate that more and more," Houben says. When he hit his maximum at the hospital, he began going to other clinics in the Netherlands. He did not worry about the potential ramifications.

"The doctor and I were becoming pretty good friends, and I said, 'Do I need to stop? Is there some kind of genetic danger here?'?" Houben says the doctor assured him that with a population of 15 million, he could safely father 500 children in the Netherlands alone.

In 2002, he became an independent contractor of sorts. Houben started a Web site, posted all his STD test results, and began accepting requests from women all over the world.


Still, like Michigan's Kirk Maxey, who fathered 400 children, and an unnamed Virginia man who spawned more than 129, all through sperm banks, Houben is free to keep plugging away. There are still no governmental regulations, in the United States or Europe, placing limits on sperm donation.

Following a recent BBC interview, Houben says he has received 72 requests in the past month - but he won't accept just any woman.


"I do it because I know how hard it is for people who desperately want a child," Houben said.

Houben says having sex with him is not required, but he insists it's the most advisable. "On average with me, artificial insemination takes one to 12 months, but the natural way takes one to three cycles." In the beginning, he says, it was the women who would ask to sleep with him.

"Of the 12 women who had a doctor title - and, OK, one was a doctor of philosophy - almost all chose the natural method," he says. "They're working all day with syringes and petri dishes - that's the job. And this is their personal life."

Houben charges no money for his services, partly because it's illegal to buy and sell human material in the Netherlands and partly because he sees himself as a true humanitarian.

"I could have joined the Peace Corps," he says. "But I stumbled into this."


Houben has no legal documents drawn up. He feels protected enough by Dutch law and the quality of people he has chosen to help. He visits with some of his children and leaves how much contact - if any - always up to the parents. He does not think there will be any fallout from his continuing work. In fact, he says he's doing would-be mothers around the world a service.

"I get e-mails from Turkish men, Indonesian men saying that if I have too many women, they'd like to help," Houben says. "If I stop, I have to leave the women to these guys."

It's quite the quandary: "I cannot help everybody," he says. "I cannot solve all the problems in the world."

NYU's Dr. Alukal, for one, wishes Houben would stop trying.

"If someone reading this were to think, 'I'm going to fly to the Netherlands and meet this man and have sex with him to have a baby,' I would say, clear as day, 'This is not a bright idea.'"
9  General Category / Media Articles / Re: Look alike college friends find out they are sisters on: January 24, 2014, 12:08:03 AM
It's probably a lot more common than people realise. They are just lucky that they look alike. Well done to them.
I hope to one day meet this person (or people) who look like me and live in WA.
10  General Category / Introduction Board / Re: RNSH Donor Early Eighties on: December 27, 2013, 12:06:40 AM
Welcome to the forum Peter.

I hope you and the donor offspring find each other.
11  General Category / VIC / MOVED: Assisted Reproductive Treatment Further Amendment Bill 2013 on: December 12, 2013, 04:35:14 AM
This topic has been moved to Legislation.
12  General Category / Introduction Board / Re: Hello :) Donor XO on: December 09, 2013, 05:17:36 AM
Welcome to the forum 123Cat.

Good luck with your search.
13  Feedback/Suggestions / Suggestions / Do you like the default theme layout on: October 31, 2013, 11:59:58 PM

I am tired of looking at that orange and grey coloured forum colour scheme (called a theme). It's a bit of a pain to update it as well compared to using the default. The default is the blue one. Please let me know if you prefer the blue one or the orange/grey one or if you want to be able to choose between them yourself.

14  General Category / Donor Offspring / Re: New Facebook group for Aussie offspring on: October 27, 2013, 11:57:53 PM
In my opinion there shouldn't be any age restriction apart from FB's own. However Damian may have set one.
15  General Category / Searching for offspring / Re: Donor 7022/Esben on: October 11, 2013, 02:39:10 AM
Hello and welcome.

It's nice to hear from a donor looking for their offspring, or someone on the donor's behalf.

Can you narrow down what state maybe?
Where did you or the donor donate?
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