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1  General Category / Introduction Board / Re: Hi, I'm a Mum of 4 Donor offspring conceived at QFG on: December 22, 2010, 01:16:59 AM
Hi Kim,

I am a fellow QFG patient as well.

But ours is a different donor number.

I wish you well with your search.
2  General Category / Introduction Board / Re: New and upset! on: December 22, 2010, 01:16:16 AM
Hi Puffsgirl,

Its been a long time since I have visited this board and am very late with this reply but my husband and I are in exactly your situation.

We have one son conceived via donor sperm.

I am happy to share our situtation if it helps you.


3  General Category / Introduction Board / Re: Hi from another newbie! on: December 22, 2010, 01:09:10 AM
Its been such a long time since this post I wonder if Lisa has had any success.

Lisa - if you are still willing to find siblings - I am prepared to give you my donor number to see if they are the same.

As far as I know I am the only parent so far (using a particular donor) who has advised QFG that I would like contact and so far there has been nothing.

We have one son born in December 2004.  18 months ago I was advised my son has about 8 half siblings (mixture).

Send me a PM if you would like to know.

4  General Category / Off Topic / Saddened and disappointed on: May 19, 2010, 08:15:59 AM
I know I haven't posted on here for a long time but rest assured I read this forum at least twice a week but...

I am really upset with QFG Brisbane. 

As some of you may know my husband and I have a son conceived via DI through QFG...when I fell pregnant with said son we were given 10 vials to pay for freezing to use for future offspring...well so far none have worked and I have 4 vials left.

There has been in the media over last 8 months that QFG was for sale...Well they must have sold because my freezing costs have gone from $150 per six months to $225 per six months.

I know to some that may not be much but we aren't rich-we struggle like most families do but OH MY F****** GOD - this is like a 50% increase!!!!

and they had the hide to send a letter with this invoice to say if I use my vials in the next 2 months from date of letter (18 May) then I wont have to pay the invoice - OH MY F****** GOD!!!  who the F*** do they think they are!!!

I had pretty much resigned myself to only having my son - I am 40 in November and am in a good place in life/home/work etc and even if I was to get pregnant that baby would be welcome but after receiving this BULL**** from QFG, its made me feel like I should be going back and using the vials up just for the hell of it...because of the price hike.

I was at a stage where I was happy to keep paying the freezing costs cause those vials were mine - yes bit selfish I know - don't lecture me....but with this f****** price hike - I honestly feel like, for the first time, a piece of meat!!!

QFG and its doctors used to be about their patients but since this has been/or is still up for sale its the almighty f****** $$$$ in the eyes of the founding doctors/scientists of this practice.

I have shown my husband this invoice and expressed my thoughts/feelings to him - even the fact that other parents at my son's school are putting the "guilts" on me for him being an only child.....OH MY F***** God - whole other story don't get me started.

BAsically, I am approaching 40 - am in a good place with work, I never wanted to have just one child because I was one myself - and there are a whole lotta other factors to weigh in like bad post natal depression/anti depressants - you get the picture.....but OH MY F****** GOD.

but how come a simple increase in the price of freezing 4 tiny vials of sperm has me in such a really really really bad mood.

I am just really p***** off at such a huge price increase!!!

it breaks my heart.

5  General Category / Off Topic / Re: Dissappointed on: November 05, 2009, 02:39:20 AM
Thanks Damien
6  General Category / Donor Info / Re: New to Donor Conception - Perth WA on: November 05, 2009, 02:22:22 AM
Hi there,  my husband and I have a nearly 5-year-old boy via donor semen but I am in Brisbane.  If you are interested I can share my story with you but it may vary from some of the rules that Perth clinics have as compared to Brisbane clinics.
7  General Category / Off Topic / Dissappointed on: November 05, 2009, 02:20:21 AM
Hi Guys,

about 3 weeks ago I received a reminder in the mail that my membership for DCSG had not been paid - not that I got the first reminder anyway.  So I rang them and left a message for someone to contact me about bank account details so I could transfer the money.

Well 2 weeks down the track nobody has returned my message - are they really that under staffed it takes this long to reply to a phone message??

To top it off I have lost the form - can someone give me their telephone number please?

Thank you.
8  General Category / Introduction Board / Re: Hi from another newbie! on: December 09, 2008, 05:04:58 AM
Hi Lisa,


I too am another mum who used QFG services.
I have never had anything to do with Amber, I only dealt with that awful woman Andrea a few years back and her replacement (cant remember her name) but she was lovely.

My husband and I have a little boy who is about to turn 4.

Are you aware that QFG is on the market?  I saw a big article in the Sunday Courier Mail about 2 months ago on the subject of the clinic's sale - I wonder just how much this will influence any decisions make.

9  General Category / Off Topic / Re: This Forum on: August 27, 2008, 11:35:20 PM

I know as much as late last year QFG in Brisbane were giving out the DCSGs website but I am not sure whether they give this forum out as a point of contact for new DC patients/offspring.

I would be happy to ask them if they do and see if they might also be interested in handing out some sort of flyer etc.

10  General Category / Off Topic / Re: This Forum on: August 20, 2008, 10:39:50 PM
No issues here.

But I'm glad that it will still be going.
11  General Category / Media Articles / Re: Donor secrecy 'could lead to incest' (Evonne Barry) on: August 17, 2008, 12:52:58 PM
Thanks Fennel,

It is always good to read the media articles on this subject.
12  General Category / Searching for past donors / Re: Looking for biological father on: August 01, 2008, 06:18:35 AM
Thanks Fiona - I didn't realise Leah left.  I must ring for an update on Js donor and check her out.
13  General Category / Media Articles / Re: Donor Dad reveals secret gifts of life - offers help to his unknown children on: July 30, 2008, 03:50:14 AM
The other story that appeared with Hector's story was this.....

Truth of origin 'no big deal' for Kirsty.
Kirsty Tailfalos was conceived using donor sperm in a Townsville clinic, but will never find her donor father because all records of her conception have been destroyed.

The 23-year-old social worker sayd the inability to find her genetic ifnormation is 'no big deal'.

"it is a part of who I am but no tall of who I am," she said.  "My dad is very much my real dad.".

Ms Tailfalos said her positive approach to her conception was becasue she had grown up surrounded by love and had always known the truth about being donor-conceived.

"I always knew I was special because Mum and Dad told me how hard it was to get me".

"Around the age of five I got a very simple 'birds and bees' talk to explain how I was conceived.  "So I always knew, I grew up with it and am quite OK about it".

Ms Tailfalos tried to find her biological father after her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005.

"We wanted to find out if he had that cancer in his family to see if that would double my chances of getting it", she said.

"But when our docotr tried to contact the clinic and find the records we found out everything had been destroyed and the clinic was shut down".

As part of her university studies, Ms Tailfalos did an honours thesis in social work on the relationship between donor children and biological parents.  She talked to other donor children for the project.  "There was a lot of anger there, especially fromo those that had been told about their conception late in life,"  said said.  "And tehre was also a lot of anger about not being able to access records".

"They felt they  has grown up in nameless, faceless families."

The other story attached to the main story on Hector was titled...

Move for genetic Register.
The State Govt may establish a central contact register for IVF or artificial inseminations parents or children seeking genetic information.

MP Linda Lavarch, chairwoman of a pariamentary inquiring into altruistic sorrogacy, said hearings earlier this month canvassed the issue of access to information on genetic origins for those involved in reproductive technology.

"We have taken all those submissions on board and will report back to Parliament on Septebmer 30".

There are no laws governing artificial reproductive technology in Qld, IVF clinics are regulated by the National Health and Medical Research Council.

Since the regulations were introduced in 2004, Qld IVF clinics have been keeping records on private registers.

ps - sorry for spelling mistakes - i had to retype from article.
14  General Category / Media Articles / Re: Donor Dad reveals secret gifts of life - offers help to his unknown children on: July 29, 2008, 10:49:18 PM
Well Hello Harry (aka Hector).

So nice you found us.  From me (and my husband too), the parents of a 3 1/2 year old donor conceived son - thanks MATE!

15  General Category / Searching for past donors / Re: Looking for biological father on: July 29, 2008, 10:43:55 PM
Hi Harry and welcome.

Yes Andrea was a law unto her own.
But please don't give up - the new girl is a lot nicer.  I believe her name is Leah.  I got a lot more information from her about our donor that
Andrea was ever willing to give us.  In fact Andrea led us to believe in Jan/Feb 04 when we chose this donor that there has been a pregnancy with him but it did not eventuate.  I infact found out from Leah that Jacob was like the 5th child born to #213 at the time of his birth in December 04.  So if Andrea lied about this then it makes me wonder what other untruths she told other parents/donors.

So please don't give up - you can always try QFG again to make sure they have your details and they fully understand your wishes regarding contact.  I found Leah a lot more understanding and easier to talk to than that woman Andrea.

Take Care.

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