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1  General Category / Searching for Information / Repromed SA rang me - anything happening in SA lately I should prepare for? on: July 16, 2014, 08:45:38 AM
Hi all,
Query: is or has anything happened recently with Repromed in SA? I am suspicious.

I have a donor conceived child via Repromed in SA in 2005 with Donor DZ (who we met by chance when child was 1 year old - now he is 9). Prior to meeting him by chance, I had little (and in fact totally disinterested contact from the clinic re my requests for donor contact and further info). Uni of Adelaide person was down right I gave up and low and behold we met our Donor by chance online.
Anyway...twice in the last 7 years Repromed have rung me because they had other families who used DZ and needed his permission for them to use their created remaining embryos to add to their families ( long story)....they had lost his contact information (twice!!!) because his archived data had gone to the family found me via this site and I was able to connect them with the donor and they have since been able to use their remaining embryo to conceive a 2nd child.
Despite our donor being assured he would be told when children were conceived using his donations, he has never heard anything.

I am away on holidays and found a recorded message today asking me to ring the Donor nurse at Repromed ...I fear something has gone amiss as I have never heard from them in 9 years. I am just readying myself for the phone call and thought I would check in to see if anything is on the go with can see I am a bit distrustful ha ha.
Thanks for any feedback.
2  General Category / Introduction Board / Re: Donor recipient seeing Donor LS from QEH, Adelaide on: September 02, 2012, 04:32:40 AM
Hi Anne, our donor DZ from Repromed originally donated to QEH Adelaide but according to his records (we have found him by accident) had no identifying code. His code DZ is just used for Repromed in Adelaide. If you look me up and read my previous posts about my interactions with Repromed and the will see my history re contact with them.
I have posted our donor we don't know his QEH case we match.
All the best. Rose
3  General Category / Searching for Information / Re: Searching for Repromed S.A. Donor DZ or half siblings on: September 02, 2012, 04:19:53 AM
Hi everyone, I have been away for a long time, and thought I would update on my story.
I have a 7yo son who was conceived via ID Release Donor via Repromed in Adelaide. I met our donor by chance online...even then Repromed the manager did not 'approve' of us verifying that we were donor and recipient...but I said I would just go and have a DNA test anyway. My donor and I have become good friends and my son has chosen to call him 'dad' and our donor likes that too. He is single, 52 and has a twin sister who never married or had kids either...she adores my boy. Today we rang him to wish him Happy Father's Day and we are visiting him in our school hols. We try and visit him at least once a year. Since I last posted, I lost both my parents so now my son's only grandparent is our donor's mum whom he calls Nana. Our donor's whole family have been as welcoming and open and wonderful as any "happy ending" story anyone could wish for. At the same time as they are in SA and we live in WA, we also get a "tyranny of distance" time out when both sides need their own space.
A few years ago, a mum contacted me who had also conceived using our same donor (which she found via this site) and needed our donor's contact details to get Repromed Adelaide to release his sperm for her and her husband to have another child. They had lost his forms (again!!!!) but for this site, she would have an only child. She did not feel comfortable having contact with me yet and I pray one day she feels she can let our children meet or at least know each other. Now I have a lot of reading and catching up to do. Still hoping to find siblings to Donor DZ from both centres he donated too.
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