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Title: TV Doco request
Post by: dadams on October 18, 2013, 12:59:05 AM
Here’s a bit of information about what we are proposing:

About the Docu-Series
This documentary will be thoughtful and thought-provoking.  We would like to educate the public on why meeting a half-sibling or donor may be important to a donor-conceived person. 
The story will be told mainly through the perspective of donor-conceived children, and also if possible through the donors and their families.
The people who choose to be involved will be an important part of raising awareness of the kind of issues they have faced their lives, as being part of a donor-conceived family.   But also the documentary will showcase the many advantages of donating sperm or eggs – and the beautiful people that are born because of it.
The documentary would aim to be a heartwarming account of donor conceived children helping to put together missing pieces of their background, and potentially finding family they never knew existed until now.
The show would also raise awareness of the registers that exist to the many donor-conceived children in Australia – and show a way for those curious to track down their genetic origins.   It will explain how the rise of the internet has changed their world and allowed the tracking of biological relatives to take place.
Our aim would be to find one or more donor-conceived people at the start of their search, and follow them as they discover they have half-siblings they never knew existed and meet for the first time.  Also if they endeavor to contact the donor, we would like to follow that.
We completely understand and respect the privacy issues and concerns around this field, and the sensitive nature of this material. 
About Us
Southern Star is the largest independent television production group, with a very good reputation for high quality work.  We make television programs across a range of fields, including documentary, children’s television, drama and entertainment.
Could you let me know if this is something you could help us with at all, in helping to find one or more donor-conceived children who are near the start of a search and who would be happy to be involved in this documentary ?
Many thanks for your time,
Judy Smart
0405 353 244
(02) 9202 8973
Judy Smart  |  Development Producer
Southern Star Entertainment Pty Ltd
42-44 Victoria St, McMahons Point, NSW, 2060
T 02 9202 8973    M
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Title: Re: TV Doco request
Post by: dadams on October 18, 2013, 01:01:13 AM
If interested please contact the producer directly. I have no involvement in the project whatsoever.